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CascadiaPrime Cognition - California AI Policy Rollout (Section Under Construction)


Introduction and Overview

  Google Search - california artificial intelligence legislation

California Artificial Intelligence Legislation

  AB-594 Artificial intelligence (Status: Vetoed by the Governor October 2019)
  Governors Letter Returning Bill to the Legslature (October 2, 2019)
  AB-1215 Law enforcement: facial recognition and other biometric surveillance (Status: Signed by the Governor October 08, 2019

Government recognized California institutions taking leadership roles in AI Policy Rollout


Other Key California Institutions

  Department of Motor Vehicles - Driverless Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

California AI - News Sources

  LA Times

California AI Policy News

  WEF: Here's how California is approaching the ethics of AI (October 18, 2019)
  The Electronic Frontier Foundation: Victory! California Governor Signs A.B. 1215 (October 9, 2019)
  KGET:Gov. Newsom vetoes artificial intelligence bill from Assemblyman Rudy Salas (October 2, 2019)
  The Guardian: AI systems claiming to 'read' emotions pose discrimination risks (February 16, 2020)

California AI Policy - Other related sources of policy insight

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California AI Policy - Policy Leaders

  Assemblymember Rudy Salas Twitter: @rudysalasjr
  Assemblymember Phil TingTwitter: @PhilTing