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Welcome to CascadiaPrime Cognition


"Leadership, it's been said, has two essential ingredients: first, it's about going somewhere; second, it's about being able to persuade other people to share in the journey."

CascadiaPrime Cognition has a number of themes:

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) must benefit Humanity - technology is not economically and socially neutral - humanity's best qualities need to be preserved.

AGI is transnational and requires transnational approaches - we are all "in the same boat" when it comes to the benefits and risks associated with AGI (SuperIntelligence).

AGI should be harnessed to solving humanity's great existential challenges - climate being one of those challenges

AGI should be harnessed to build Adaptive, Resilient and Open Societies - evolution tells us that species that are brittle or dependent cease to flourish.

We need to encourage Existential Thinking - Mankind has both unimaginable opportunity before it and all manner of threats. We are on the cusp of reverse engineering the human brain and of creating "intelligences" both narrow and general with potential to remove all limits on our species save those imposed by the fundamental laws of physics. This appears likely to put extreme stress on the social fabric for the changes underway will call into question what it means to be human and will "undermine" many firmly held world views and interests.

AGI Long Range Planning is an imperative - in times of revolutionary change, incrementalism and failure to link budgets to a vision is a recipe for failure.

We need public and private vehicles to deepen our knowledge of AGI issues - we need to provide means for specialists and generalists to engage in this great undertaking.

We need to encourage thoughtful and reasoned public dialogue on AGI issues - this will require astute leadership.

AGI must serve Spiritual Growth - we need to acknowledge the limits to materialism. Man does not live by bread alone.

The banner image on this site is a photo I took from the Langdale ferry terminal close to Gibsons, B.C. It looks across Howe Sound to Lions Bay where the mountains fall sharply into the sea. This scene embodies the spirit of the West Coast and it is why I make my home here. I have retained this banner to bring calm to all those who visit and who consider the issues of AGI.

This website has evolved over many years. I made it a public resource. When I stumbled over something that may be valuable to others I added it to CascadiaPrime. In recent years I have evolved a long standing interest in AGI issues to the exent that I have made this the sole focus of CascadiaPrime Cognition and moved much of the former content of CascadiaPrime to where I keep my Dashboard.

I hope you enjoy the site, learn from it and find it of value. My background "informs" the content and focus of CascadiaPrime Cognition.

Patrick Muncaster

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