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CascadiaPrime Cognition - Patrick Muncaster


  Based in Gibsons, British Columbia
  Ex-telecommunications / IT industry
  1979 - 2002: BC TEL, Telus - Government Relations; Marketing - database access, email, VMS, data, cellular service, satellite services; Corporate Planning - coordinated five year strategic plans, futures analysis, executive presentations; Information Technology Planning - process reengineering, international billing; Project Management - privacy legislation implementation
  1970's - International Development Division, International Telecommunications Branch, Federal Department of Communications - focus on the role of telecommunications / information technology in economic development, incoming and outgoing missions
  1970's - Office of the Prime Minister of Canada - correspondence on the economy; aide to three Federal Ministers -Public Works, National Revenue, Communications
  Alma Mater - University of British Columbia - B.A., Economics, Political Science
  Current Focus - Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of the 21st Century in respect to AIification
  Twitter - PJ_Muncaster my AI / S&T stream: Here
  Twitter - Patrik_Muncaster my geopolitical stream: Here
  Linked-In: Here