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CascadiaPrime Cognition - Blogs, websites and Social Media

An intelligent landscape is being created and/or thought about deeply by individuals dotted all over the globe. Some of them have blogs and websites where they share their thoughts and aspirations. This is a start on a list of some of the thought leaders working to build and anticipate the intelligent landscape. They range from philosphers to scientists and technologists in the trenches.

The terms artificial general Intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neuromorphic computing, synaptic computing, big data, contextual computing, broadband communications, mobile computing and the internet all compartmentalize and really do not capture the wholistic tensor nature of what is now occurring. As this list grows the full interdisciplinary aspects of the intelligent landscape will become more evident.

  Scott Aaronson - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT
  Monica Anderson - CTO and co-founder of Sensai Corporation, @pandemonica
  Yoshua Bengio, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms Linked In
  James Bergstra, Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo @jabergT
  Maggie Boden, University of Sussex
  Nick Bostrom - University of Oxford, FHI
  Joanna J. Bryson - University of Bath Blogspot @j2bryson
  Kyunghyun Cho, Department of Computer Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Center for Data Science New York University @kchonyc
  Aaron Courville, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) at the University of Montreal, and member of the LISA lab Linked In
  Eugenio Culurciello - Purdue University, eLabs, @culurciello
  Andrew Davison - Imperial College London, @apdavison
  Pedro Domingos - U of W, @pmddomingos
  Jeff Dean @google
  Daniel Dewey - Oxford, FHI, @danieldewey
  Thomas G. Dietterich, President, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence @tdietterich
  Cynthia Dwork - Microsoft
  Nando de Freitas, UBC Computer Science and Oxford @NandoDF
  Hugo de Garis
  Steve Geringer - Machine Learning Consultant
  Zoubin Ghahramani - Deputy Director of Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
  Ben Goertzel - Novamente LLC, Chairman Of Artificial General Intelligence Society, @bengoertzel
  Alex Graves - U of T, Google Deepmind
  JP Gownder, Forrester, @jgownder
  Roger Grosse, University of Toronto
  Barbara Grosz, Harvard, AI100
  Demis Hassabis - Google Deepmind, @demishassabis
  ***** Geoffrey Hinton - Google, University of Toronto, @geoff_hinton
  Eric Horvitz - Microsoft Research, AI100, @erichorvitz
  Marcus Hutter - Australian National UniversityTalk on AI & Particle Physics Twitter Ref Bing Ref
  Navdeep Jaitly, University of Toronto
  Michael I. Jordan, University of California, Berkeley
  Alex Krizhevsky - Google, University of Toronto
  Koray Kavukcuoglu, Google Deepmind @koraykv
  Ray Kurzweil - Google, @KurzweilAINews
  Quoc V. Le - Google, Twitter References
  Shane Legg - Google Deepmind
  Yann LeCun - Facebook, NYU, @ylecun
  Alan Mackworth - UBC, AI100, @AlanMackworth
  Gary Marcus - NYU, @GaryMarcus
  Andrew Mcafee - MIT, @amcafee
  Tom Mitchell's - Carnegie Mellon University, @tommmitchell
  Deirdre Mulligan - University of California, Berkeley, AI100
  Tomasz Malisiewicz, @quantombone
  Dharmendra S Modha - Cognitive Computing IBM, @DharmendraModha
  Shakir Mohamed - Deepmind Google, @shakir_za
  Peter Norvig - Google, co-author of the standard textbook Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach
  Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu @AndrewYNg
  Steve Omohundro's - AI researcher
  Michael Osbone, Professor in Machine Learning, University of Oxford
  Judea Pearl, UCLA, Computer Science Department Cognitive Systems Lab - Turing Award Winner
  Tony Prescott - Director of the Sheffield Centre for Robotics and Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield, @tonyjprescott
  Marc'Aurelio Ranzato - Facebook AI Research,University of Toronto
  Stuart Russell - University of California, Berkeley
  Murray Shanahan - Imperial College London@mpshanahan Murray Shanahan | A-Talk (November 2015)
  Russ Salakhutdinov - University of Toronto @rsalakhu CIFAR Talk (2015)
  Yoav Shoham, Stanford University, AI100
  J�rgen Schmidhuber - Swiss AI Lab IDSIA
  Nova Spivak
  Amy Stapleton - Intelligent Virtual Agent and Intelligent Personal Assistant News and Views
  Mustafa Suleyman - Google Deepmind, @mustafasuleymn
  Ilya Sutskever, Google Researcher, former U of T, @ilyasut
  Richard S. Sutton - University of Calgary - Talk on the Future of AI

  Graham Taylor - University of Guelph
  Jaime Teevan, Microsoft Researcher, UofW Professor @jteevan
  Tim Tuttle, GetMindMeld, @tim_tuttle
  Peter van Beek, University of Waterloo
  Moshe Y. Vardi @vardi

  30 AI people in Europe to follow on Twitter (November28, 2019)

  Andrea Vedaldi - Computer Vision - Oxford
  Wendall Wallach@WendellWallach
  Toby Walsh@TobyWalsh
  Stephen Wolfram - Wolphram Alpha, Mathematica
  Yisong Yue - California Institute of Technology
  Eliezer Yudkowsky - Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI)
  Wojciech Zaremba
  Microsoft Machine Learning Blog
  Nested Fractally
  Quantum Bionet


  Andrew Mcaffee, MIT, @amcafee
  Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford Martin School, @carlbfrey
  Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT, @erikbryn
  Henry E Siu, UBC
  David Autor, MIT
  Guy Michaels, LSE
  Joel Mokyr, North Western UniversityTalk


  David Chalmers - Australian National University and New York University
  Daniel Dennett - Tufts University - Center for Cognitive Studies


  Anupam Chander, University of California, @AnupamChander



  Max Tegmark @tegmark


Companies, Organizations and Focal Points

  Deep Learning Race: A Survey of Industry Players� Strategies
  Google DeepMind
  Google Brain
  University of Montreal
  SalesForce MetaMind
  Intel Nervana

Twitter Hashtags - and High Volume Twitter Streams

  #ML - machinelearning
   @sentiwire - a bot retweeting posts on data science and machine learning

Computer Science Resources

  Turing Award Winners
  Semantic Scholar