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CascadiaPrime Cognition - Child Development

Child development insights that are helping to shed light on cognition and approaches to AGI.

  Building Machines that Learn & Think Like People - Prof. Josh Tenenbaum ICML2018 (July 13 2018)
  Cognitive Science in the era of Artificial Intelligence: A roadmap for reverse-engineering the infant language-learner (July 29 2016)
  Roboticists learn to teach robots from babies (December 2015)
  A Bayesian Developmental Approach to Robotic Goal-Based Imitation Learning (November 2015)
  A Roadmap towards Machine Intelligence - a kindergarten" providing basic education to intelligent machines (November 2015)
  Sensory System Development (Ability Path.Org)
  Child Development Milestones by Age and Category (Ability Path.Org)
  Deep Learning Robot Takes 10 Days to Teach Itself to Grasp (October 2015)
  This Preschool Is for Robots (Sept 2015)
  The Fundamental Five: Activities to Support Early-Childhood Development
  The rate at which the developing brain eliminates unneeded connections between neurons during early childhood (July 2015)
  Infants use expectations to shape their brains (July 2015)
  Distinctive contexts critical to how children learn words (September 2015)
  What the [beep]? Infants link new communicative signals to meaning (November 2015)
  Language processing in newborns (July 2015)
  Josh Tenenbaum: Engineering & reverse-engineering human common sense (August 2015)
  Liz Spelke (part 1) - Cognition in infancy (August 2015)
  Liz Spelke (part 2) - Cognition in infancy (August 2015)
  Robot Shows How Babies Are Actively Plotting to Make You Smile (September 2015)