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CascadiaPrime - Point - Counterpoint

Some knowledgeable people in artificial intelligence and related fields - take the view that superintelligence is unlikely to be a threat to mankind and that the concept of the singularity is science fiction.

This section will provide links to articles and interviews in which they set out their arguments.

  Ben Goertzel- Chairman, Novamente Infusing Advanced AGIs with Human-Like Value Systems: Two Theses @bengoertzel
  Rodney Brooks - Co-founder iRobot -Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a threat - Rodney Brooks - Co-founder iRobot @rodneyabrooks
  CEO, Allen Institute for AI (AI2) - I am an AI researcher and Iím not scared. Hereís why.@etzioni
  Noam Chomsky - Linguist: The Singularity is Science Fiction! @daily_chomsky